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Welcome to The Fighting Hares!

Congratulations! Your training status has been verified and you have been approved for membership in The Fighting Hares! Click the button below pay for your annual membership ($25). Once you have completed that step, your membership will be official and you will  have access to all Member privileges.


Included in Fighting Hares Membership:

  • Official Membership certificate

  • Exclusive access to Bernie Leddy, Chieftain of the Doyle Irish Stick Fighting System

  • Access to the members-only area with member-exclusive videos, blogs, merchandise. etc.

  • Invitations to member-exclusive seminars and trainings

  • The opportunity to rank in the Doyle Irish Stick Fighting system!

  • Access to a community of Irish stick fighters!

  • And MORE!

We are currently in the process of building out the Membership section of the website, so please be patient - exclusive content is on its way!

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