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Why the Fighting Hares?

The reason I chose the name "The Fighting Hares" has a lot to do with my heritage and that of ISF.

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Historical factions had the name of the faction family that led the group, such as the Doyles, whose system we follow, but they also chose animals such as the famous Dead Rabbits from New York.


The Fighting Hares comes from the combination of Irish mythology, where the hare was linked as gateway to the underworld, and particularly the Puca (ghostly creature) that took the shape of a hare to escape or cause mischief.

 It also comes from the three hares, a symbol found in all countries along the silk road - mostly in temples, synagogues, mosques, and churches. It’s an ancient symbol that means unity and protection for the weary traveler.


So, the combination of ghostly figures that appear from nowhere, that offer protection to the helpless, and the fact that hares are born with their eyes open and aware and ready to fight.

Who wouldn’t chose them as a symbol!

Ever Forward


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